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On the subject of household surveys

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On the subject of household surveys

Statistical Office of the SR conducts regularly sample surveys in households. These are surveys from various areas of socioeconomic and social life providing important information that cannot be obtained from business or administrative sources. They are usually carried out on a selected sample of randomly selected households or individuals living in these households.

The results are anonymized, aggregated and processed into various outputs and products. These are indicators representing statistical data summarized for several households, or individuals, according to different structures and territorial divisions.

A common important factor is that household surveys are conducted according to the harmonized methodologies within the entire European Union, which enable mutual comparisons between countries.

The obtained results about households serve as the basis not only for the development of various economic and social analyses, but are an important source of information for decision-making processes, policy-making, preparation of forecasts and the definition of specific measures.

The household's obligation to provide the required data follows from the legislation, while the information provided is anonymous and serves exclusively for statistical purposes. All data are considered confidential and are protected in accordance with the relevant Slovak and European legislation. During the processing of the results, no information allowing the direct identification of the respondents is used, and the obtained data are converted to the total SR population.

Warning Each interviewer shall be under an obligation of confidentiality of all statistical information and personal data which has come to their knowledge through his work.

The main legislative documents, on the basis of which the surveys are conducted are as follows:

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