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This is the website of the public authority of the Slovak Republic – Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic. Links to individual public authorities’ websites can be found at this link.

This website is secure

Be careful and always make sure that you share information only through the secure website of the Slovak public administration. A secure page always starts with https:// before the domain name of the website.

Menu after logging into the system

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Menu after logging into the system

Table of Contents


    Once you have successfully logged in and entered the Electronic Data Collection (eCollection) application, tabbed screen will display:

    1. Statistical questionnaires.
    2. Tasks
    3. Editing a user profile.
    4. User management.

    Editing a user profile

    Click Editing a user profile to display the Registration Details and User Information window.

    You can change the current valid password in the Edit Profile section. The password must meet the defined criteria. Under the criteria information, there is also a Suggest Password option with a menu in which the system will suggest a password. Clicking on the Save Changes button will save the password in the system.

    Warning If more than one colleague shares a password, be sure to inform them about password change. We reccommend to create accounts in Users management for additional persons.

    In the User Information section enter your current details. For the successful communication it is important that your contact details recorded in our system, especially mandatory details such as e-mail and telephone, are up-to date.   

    In this section, the logged-in user can mark the option Do not notify.  After marking this option, the user will not receive the above notifications, nor will be notified of required corrections after the data has been sent by notification

    Warning We recommend marking this option only if there is an additional user created in User Management who does not have the Do Not Notify option checked in their Edit Custom Profile and  their email address is available to receive notifications sent to them.

    User management

    In the User Management tab you have the right as an administrator (statutory), after logging in with your login data: user ID (ID number) and password, to create accounts for other persons authorized to work in the Electronic Data Collection. You can also add a user from an external organization or download a list of already created users.  As an administrator you can manage their accounts, assign them any user identifier that is not already in our system, password, or assign them agendas.​​​​​​​

    To create new user:

    1. Click the Create New User button to display the Create New User window. Fill in the mandatory user login, identification and contact information marked with a red asterisk. You can use any character string that is not already existing in our system as a user identifier. Only fill in the organization information if you are creating an account for a person who is not your internal employee. Then click the Create User button to continue.
    2. The system generates the Allocate Statistical Units window with a list of statistical units. From these, select the ones that the user will have the right to access.
    3. To restrict user access to individual parts of the questionnaire, edit the assigned agenda for the statistical unit by clicking Edit Agenda. The list of agendas for your statistical questionnaire can be found in the Notification of inclusion in a statistical survey. If the questionnaire does not have a defined agenda, leave all items checked. If you uncheck all agendas, the user will not be able to access the statistical eForms. The system also allows group editing for multiple users already created.
    4. You have the right to assign a user to manage other users.The user will be able to add and remove users of the reporting unit, including the ability to modify access to subordinate statistical units and agendas.
    5. In the next step you will see a summary. After your confirmation, the system will create a new user.

    Technical assistance can be found at Contacts.

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