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This is the website of the public authority of the Slovak Republic – Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic. Links to individual public authorities’ websites can be found at this link.

This website is secure

Be careful and always make sure that you share information only through the secure website of the Slovak public administration. A secure page always starts with https:// before the domain name of the website.

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Register for the website

By registration on website Statistical data collection you will be able to request notifications about the creation, update or expiration of the codelist. More information can be found on the Information on notifications to statistical code lists.

Are you a reporting unit? Do not register, use login to eCollection.

No registration of the reporting unit (eCollection user) on the website is required.

The user identifier and initial password, which is part of the Notification of inclusion in the statistical survey, is generated automatically.

The eCollection user uses the same login credentials to log in to both the eCollection environment and the Statistical data Collection website.

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