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This is the website of the public authority of the Slovak Republic – Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic. Links to individual public authorities’ websites can be found at this link.

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Be careful and always make sure that you share information only through the secure website of the Slovak public administration. A secure page always starts with https:// before the domain name of the website.

Nový dizajn používateľského rozhrania elektronického formulára

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New eForm user interface


The Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic continued to optimise its website in accordance with the Unified Design Manual for Electronic Services and Websites ID-SK Frontend in order to unify user interfaces and the way of communication with users of electronic services in public administration. The electronic form (eForm) also received a new user interface.

The change to the eForm user interface brings a clearer layout of form content components, a new layout and display of functional tool elements as well as a responsive design. The horizontal division of the form content into individual windows has been replaced by a vertical division in the form of tabs. There is also a change in the use of buttons to move around the form. The user can use standard keys such as Enter, Tab, Arrows, PgUp, PgDn to move quickly while viewing and filling out the eForm without the need for a mouse.

The functionality of form components, including user management, error messages, comments and navigation in the form content has been adapted to the new requirements. The messages displayed by the system and the static text have been revised to better clarify the use of the eForm tools. User guidelines can be found on the homepage of the website as well as in the main menu item Data collection.

A new feature is the support for administrative systems, which is currently available for the surveys IaK 1-12, OPU 1-12, Práca 2-04, Prod 3-04, VTS 1-12. For these surveys, the function for Import data from XML file and Export to CSV file will be available to the user in eForm. The metadata to be used by application developers to create services to provide data from the so-called ERP systems of enterprises via XML files to eForm are available on the List of statistical questionnaires page, in the detaile of the questionnaire. A test environment for application development has already been created, for more detailed information see the Automated data collection through enterprise systems news item.

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